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Stuarto's Cooking Classes

Awaken Your Inner Chef

Learn how to prepare and cook the most savory meals at one of Stuarto's cooking classes! Want to know the difference between salts and spices? Looking to learn from some of the best chefs in Kentucky? Either way, Stuarto's cooking classes are the missing ingredient in your recipe for culinary success. We bring the best cooking secrets to each class through live, step-by-step instruction from our chef co-hosts. Learn how to prepare great dishes that make your mouth water (while enjoying them all during the class as well). Our seasoned chefs impart the best techniques for turning an ordinary meal into a culinary work of art. Please join us for a fun-filled evening!

Class Schedule + Locations

Cooking classes are held on location at Stuarto's Olive Oil locations each month from 6:00-7:30pm. In order to accommodate everyone accordingly, please note that cooking class reservations are on a first come basis.

The cost is $45.00 per person, which includes professional instruction, four dishes prepared that you also enjoy during the class, great recipes and complimentary beverages! Call the store at 859-263-0088 for dates, availability and reservations.

Boost Your Cooking Confidence

Whether you are a novice or seasoned cook, our goal is to help spark your creativity and make you a more self-confident chef extraordinaire.

Hosted by Professional Chef, Richard Lawrence
Recipes For All Occasions
4-Course Meal Included

For Further Assistance

Please call us at (859) 263-0088 for any questions regarding dates, availability and reservations. Thanks!